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Với mục tiêu mở rộng quy mô và tạo cơ hội việc làm cho những lao động có kinh nghiệm trong nước, chúng tôi cần những ứng viên có tư duy chiến thắng, sự tận tâm với khách hàng và tiềm năng lãnh đạo. Tại FGL, bạn có cơ hội làm việc với các nhãn hàng và thương hiệu may mặc nổi tiếng, phát triển kỹ năng chuyên môn và vươn lên các vị trí cao hơn.

Nhân Viên Mua Hàng


Biên Hòa, Vietnam, 03 April 2018 | Full Time
Job Code: MERS09
Date Posted: 03 April 2018
Dead Line: 31 December 2018
Salary: Negotiable
Work Location: Biên Hòa


- Negotiate prices based on volume with suppliers.

- Coordinate with development merchandising and obtain greige commitment. Book grieve according to the commitment with the suppliers.

- Receive PO creation confirmation from data team and post purchase orders.r

- Follow up on receiving PI and delivery confirmation from suppliers.

- Confirming OTT dates to planning and merchandising teams

- Follow up 1st Bulk / Dye lot approval with supplier or customer to achieve OTT.

- Update planning and merchant team of the RM delivery status on a weekly basis.

- Liaise with suppliers and obtain Ex Fty dates and follow up on cargo booking with forwarder.

- Attend to quality and quantity concerns and resolve issues.

- Other works assign by manager


- English-Spoken and Written skills

- MS-Office skills

- Negotiation skills

- Time Management skills

- Logistics understanding

- Problem solving skills

Contact Details

Phone : +84 251 8877400
Email :
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Management Accounting Staff

Kế toán / Tài chính

Dong Thap, Vietnam, 07 April 2018 | Full Time
Job Code: SYSS06
Date Posted: 07 April 2018
Dead Line: 31 December 2018
Salary: Negotiable
Work Location: Dong Thap


  1. Prepare, analyze and reconcile activity report daily.
  2. Perform style closure and inform all related departments to clear invoice (printing, testing, washing, commercial invoice), transit.
  3. Review BOM, perform finance sign off and challenge merchandise department for those sale order have a low CM.
  4. Prepare, analyze and follow up KPI of factory in charge.
  5. Prepared cost of factory, department and compared with the budget, highlight negative and positive points and send out for head of plant .
  6. Involve in stock count every week.
  7. Prepared current Assets Liabilities Report.


  • One to two year experience.
  • English Communication skills.
  • Excel skill.
  • Technical knowledge in accounting, finance.
  • Analytical Skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Time management

Contact Details

Phone : 0933.726.682
Email :
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Nhân Viên Cải Tiến Quy Trình Sản Xuất

Dệt May/Thời Trang

Biên Hòa, Vietnam, 20 September 2018 | Full Time
Job Code: LEAS07
Date Posted: 20 September 2018
Dead Line: 31 December 2018
Salary: Negotiable
Work Location: Biên Hòa


- Support in managing the strategic projects derived at the company long range plan preparation by conducting and attending to project meetings. Monitor daily weekly basis whilst forwarding same to Project Manager and Update Obeya Room data to create visual management hub to take fast business decisions at factory

- Support in conducting the “Kaizen and Problem-solving sessions” with the involvement of relevant employees on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly/QTR basis and Audit the process of problem solving and update the progress.

- Ensure employee involvement for Lean initiatives, implement and sustain same, follow up on the progress made by the plant in order to ensure that the required standards are adhered to whilst supporting the following:

  • Update progress charts and audit the process of lean establishment at each department according to the given guide line.


- Degree or Diploma in relevant area

- Overall Knowledge of the training and development

- 01 year of relevant work experience

Contact Details

Phone : 02518877400
Email :
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  • Purchasing/Merchandise(1)
  • Kế toán / Tài chính(1)
  • Dệt May/Thời Trang(1)